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CAVALIER GROUP:: Manufacturer of Defense, Armed Forces , Paramilitary , Energy Solutions , Aquatech Systems and Transport Security Provider. QUALITY :: ISO 9001:2008(QMS) Certified Company.CONTACT :: Plot # 101-103 , Humak Industrial Estate Sihala Road , Islamabad , Pakistan . PH # (+92) 51 4491446, 4490843. FAX # (+92) 51 4490873. EMAIL :: info@cedsg.com


Defense Systems Divisions----Individual Protections Systems  

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Defense Systems Division
Individual Protection Systems
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     At Cavalier, we consider the NIJ Standard to be the starting point for protection not just a standard to be achieved.

 As preferred partners of Honeywell and DSM in Pakistan for anti-ballistic fabrics, we can guarantee the best quality at very affordable prices in line with our ISO-9001-2000 certification.

 For hard armor requirements (SAPI Plates), we work in partnership with Tencate Advanced Armor, France and can offer the lightest plates in world especially designed to meet the ever increasing threat of AK-47 (MSC) and 5.56mm SS-109 ammunitions.

          We offer multiple designs including Interceptor and LIMBS and can custom design vests to suit any peculiar threat requirements of our customers.

        For light weight composite helmet requirements, we can offer both PASGT and ACH designs. Our helmets assure head protection against bullets, fragments and explosive ammunitions and can qualify STANAG 2920, NIJ 0101.04 and MIL STD 662F. All metal parts are anti-corrosion protected and detachable visors and camouflage covers can be easily fitted.

               Protective shoes against land mines offered by us provide protection against land mines. These shoes are designed to be worn as normal combat shoes in real combat providing a very high degree of protection against all common types of anti personnel mines with explosive content up to 100 grams. Weighing just 1.5 kgs, they are very comfortable to wear and are available as boots and over boots.




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